Raw materials
The raw material used by Rametal in making aluminium alloys come from all over Europe. It is comprised of scrap collected from aluminium processing companies and metal items that have reached the end of their useful life...
Production process
Rametal produces a variety of aluminium alloys in bars or in semisferes. The aluminium scrap recycling process starts with the very important stage of rigorous selection to eliminate undesired components, such as tailing and...
There are a lot of aluminium alloys available in the market, and for this reason the identification of the right ones is a demanding job. Rametal is able to supply the following products...
We purchase:
  • Aluminium turnings
  • Taint Tabor
  • Tense
  • Twitch
  • New sheet
  • Offset
  • Profiles
  • Mixed Metals
  • Silicon metal
Rametal is a derivate of years of experience from the menagerial staff as e new investment fully integratet in Aluminium production through scrap recycling. It is a company with state-of-the-art tecnology , as the investment started in 2010...
Rametal is conscious that a business has to be integrated into the environment it works in; furthermore it knows that the industrial development and the protection of the environment are inseparable components in order...
Company address:

Rametal sh.p.k

Highway Tirane-Durres , Km 5
Xhafzotaj – Durres, Albania