Rametal is conscious that a business has to be integrated into the environment it works in; furthermore it knows that the industrial development and the protection of the environment are inseparable components in order to obtain a sustainable development. For this reason Rametal has always paid attention to protection and conservation of the environment.

Being easy to recycle, aluminium can be reused repeatedly without altering the quality, which saves considerable amount of raw material and energy. Aluminium recycling, in fact, requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium: an energy saving of a massive 95%.

Numerous advanced engineering solutions have been adopted to safeguard the environment, including:

  • All the water used is recycled, purified and cooled in special plant to prevent the problem of waste water disposal.

  • The flue gas purification plant is monitored continually and undergoes routine maintenance. The emissions from the smelting furnaces are analysed regularly to ensure that they comply with the applicable regulations.